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How to match a wildcard producing a path match when an exact host is matched but not its path in Kubernetes ingress?

If I have an Ingress with apiVersion: kind: Ingress metadata: name: frontend spec: ingressClassName: nginx rules: - host: '*' http: paths: - ...
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How to create services mapped to separate Public IPs without Azure Kubernetes Service adding a Load Balancer rule for each service?

I have a AKS cluster with many applications, each application needs to be exposed to a unique public IP. I use an nginx ingress controller of type loadBalancer for each application and I'm able to get ...
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NGINX ingress not listening custom port

Guys I'm trying to make my service accessable by domain_name with port ex: Is this possible? or any alternative ways to do? But my ingress service not listening port and my service ...
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Using route and proxy with a NGINX virtualserver K8s config

I have a kinda weird set up where I have a general url( that terminates on an F5 that points to a nginx VS on an EKS cluster that has a localized domain( So the ...
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How to deploy an nginx ingress to a kubeadm cluster

I'm attempting to set up my own bare-metal Kubernetes cluster composed of a control plane (VPS and a worker node (VPS Both my VPS are running Ubuntu 22.04 with 2 vCPUs ...
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How can I have working auto certificate renewal when using custom path in k8s ingress

In our k8s cluster we have multiple services, reachable from public internet, we're using nginx ingresses for routing + let's encrypt for certificate management. As we're using custom rewrite rule and ...
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502 Bad Gateway when HTTPS listener is configured on Nexus Private Registry

Context: In order to pull custom images I made for AWX execution environment, I deployed a Sonatype Nexus Repository on my K8s cluster using this Helm Chart. I've simply modify it with my values: ...
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Kubernetes ingress fails to fetch letsencrypt

I using a root server at I set up a microk8s install and enabled the plugins: cert-manager # (core) Cloud native certificate management dashboard ...
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redirect url/ to url/test using ingress

I'm running an application on kubernetes, when i use this url: it redirects me to ressource not found (problem in the application). what i need now is to avoid this page by ...
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How can I tell my Helm Chart to ignore the default ingress-nginx and create a new one?

Whenever I run helm install on the chart I'm making I see this, Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: rendered manifests contain a resource that already exists. Unable to continue with install: IngressClass &...
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K8S: How to manage incoming traffic for multiple instances of the same app with isolated namespaces and unique subdomains using an Ingress Controller?

I am new to K8S and need help deploying multiple instances of the same app. Each instance needs to be isolated in its own namespace and must have two exposed services (backend and frontend) accessible ...
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Why is my AWS Application Load Balancer not exposing my Kubernetes service?

I am following a tutorial to set Kubernetes with an ingress managed service. The cluster is, 1 controller 2 worker Kubernetes cluster kubeadm built running Kubernetes v1.25.3 (latest at the time of ...
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How can I use rewrite-target on the root path with Azure Kubernetes Service?

I want to have an API service that I want to reach under /api, and other requests to fall back to a frontend service. Peculiar is that this worked locally with minikube, but now that I deployed on ...
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kubernetes nginx ingress confusion

I'm trying to get a feel for the Kubernetes Nginx ingress controller. Trying to deploy it to an AKS cluster, however I can't figure out the following. According to Create an ingress controller in ...
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PreStop container hook on Pod termination

I have two containers in my Pod (one main app container and another one is just a simple nginx reverse proxy) containers: - name: my-app - name: my-nginx lifecycle: ...
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