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Plugin for Jenkins truncates Terraform Plan output

The Blue Ocean plugin for Jenkins truncates the output of a Terraform plan at around 1700 lines, and shows a button "Show Complete Log" for the full thing. When I open the full log, ...
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how to specify query when searching for run in jenkins blueocean rest api

I have some jenkins project, that has multiple pipelines defined. I can easily search for runs for a certain pipeline: $ curl -k --silent "https://<SOME_SERVER>/blue/rest/search/?q=type:run;...
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Building a pipeline to recognize changes in a terraform template compared to the git commit before and having it apply changes using specified command

Looking to get pointed in the right direction: I am trying to build a pipeline that will recognize changes in a remote terraform template that will recognize changes compared to the previous git ...
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Why Jenkins Blue Ocean with inheritance Job does not log ? Yet logfile is created

I'm willing to switch to blue ocean however I can't get the pipeline logs to show in inheritance "classic" jobs ( : I see that freestyle jobs ...
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Jenkin "unable to find valid certification path to requested target" getting error while installing plugin

We are trying to set up jenkins. When we trying to install plugin getting the below error. We also tried to import the trusted certificate into the JVM directly still getting same error.
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Blue ocean logging my step commands

using a minimal jenkinsfile as an example node("master") { stage("Test") { sh( label: "THIS SHOULD DISPLAY", script: "set -e; ...
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jenkins build overview page not showing stages in webui

I'm using the image: jenkinsci/blueocean from Dockerhub The build overview page isn't showing the stages of a build. i.e. the square boxes that represent the stages are not appearing. Am I missing a ...
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What is the best approach to deploying to multiple servers using Jenkins?

Trying to figure out the best approach for deploying to multiple servers using Jenkins Blue Ocean pipeline. We will have six servers in development, six in QA, six in Staging, and six in production. ...
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How do i specify the path of a Dockerfile using Blue Ocean

I want my pipeline created using Blue Ocean (Jenkins) to build with a dockerfile that is not in the root of the git repo. How do I achieve this? Our git repo is a collection of sub-projects with each ...
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Jenkins declarative pipeline: use branch if it exist

I'm currently trying to adopt my declarative pipeline in the following way: I have multiple stages, some apply for all branches, some only for specific names. What I'm now searching for is a way to ...
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Is there a tool that makes it possible to validate Jenkinsfiles online?

At the moment I am editing a Jenkinsfile and then let it run unless Jenkins reports a issue. This approach costs a lot of time. I prefer to validate the syntax before committing the Jenkinsfile. Is ...
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How to publish a docker image to a private docker registry using Jenkins' blueocean?

It seems that the syntax that is used in the pipeline plugin is incompatible with Blueocean. It looks like that the syntax is different as blueocean uses a declarative pipeline. Example http://fishi....
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