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Are distributed distributions like NixOS able to replace docker in terms of autoscaling?

Autoscaling has nothing to do with NixOS or Docker. This is just the feature of cloud backed applications. However it is true that the best results are achievable using immutable infrastructure, but ...
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How should I update a single input to a Nix flake?

Unintuitively enough, you use a different command for that. nix flake update updates all inputs as you noticed, while you use nix flake lock --update-input <name_of_input> to update only a ...
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Configuration Management Tools and Rollbacks / Approaching Immutable Infrastructure

You hint in the title about immutable infrastructure, so it sounds like you already know the solution: don't change existing servers, but bring up new ones with your changes, switch over to them, and ...
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Are NixOS and GuixSD the incoming Linux distros of DevOps?

Some articles, including this one give some arguments why docker is popular: In a nutshell, here's what Docker can do for you: It can get more applications running on the same hardware than other ...
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