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For questions about NixOS, a GNU/Linux distribution focused reliability by extensive use of configuration management.

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How are the host, build, and target platforms of a package defined? says: A host is the machine that is compiling the binary. A target is the machine that will run the binary. In native ...
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How should I update a single input to a Nix flake?

I have a Nix flake with several inputs whose URLs are remote git repositories. I want to update one input in flake.lock, but not the others; in particular, I want to avoid repinning nixpkgs. When I ...
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Configuration Management Tools and Rollbacks / Approaching Immutable Infrastructure

I am interested in whether there are any configuration management tools out there that make it easy to roll back. So far it seems that with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet you have to write the roll back ...
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Are distributed distributions like NixOS able to replace docker in terms of autoscaling?

Autoscaling means that the number of instances increases if the load intensifies. Docker is used in for example Kubernetes in order to autoscale. Are distributed distributions like NixOS suitable ...
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Are NixOS and GuixSD the incoming Linux distros of DevOps?

The main advantage of these distros is the declarative approach which allows for setup to be done in the same way as you would configure a Vagrantfile or Dockerfile. In the way that Docker replaced/...
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