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For questions about Drupal, an open source Content Management System (CMS).

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Creating a Azure App service for Drupal

I repilcated a app service for drupal. I just added same settings and configurations for the created app service and also created a SQL flexible server for this.But I am getting the following error &...
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Continuous delivery workflow: Build script for PHP Composer (Drupal) on Docker

I'd like to set up a continuous delivery workflow for our new Drupal site. When someone pushes to our Git repo (typically) master branch, a build job on our CI server is triggered. This job will check ...
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How can I calculate costs of deploying 1000 instances of Drupal?

What are the things that should I investigate for making an estimate of the cost of deploying 1000 instances of Drupal, for example? I was thinking in: Database space Database usage (in ops/second? ...
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Best practice when automating Drupal (or other soft) installation regarding database settings

Suppose I have Drupal and CiviCRM installations to automate. These, however, need particular configs for working together (some file edits and database configs) Should I make a fixed version install ...
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How can Jenkins help to implement CI/CD for Drupal?

Assume you want to implement continuous-integration (= CI) and continuous-deployment (= CD) for building and maintaining websites using Drupal (let's assume for Drupal Version 7). Often times Jenkins ...
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