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Secure boot on vmware workstation

We want to run a non-standard OS (not linux or windows) that boots via secure boot on VMware workstation. We can successfully do this on virtualbox, but want to work out how to do the same in VMWare ...
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How to setup Mac Studio to host multiple Jenkins agents

I am responsible for the administration of a Jenkins and its infrastructure. We have several software projects that rely on specific Xcode versions and with that rely on specific macOS versions. Now I ...
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Is there an ansible command to configure a vmware host to synchronize time with the host?

I've been searching the docs for a bit, but is there a way in ansible - either the rest api or the built-in api - for vcenter to configure a host that has vmware tools installed to synchronize its ...
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Reaching a Docker environment running in VMware from LAN

Here is my setup: I have a Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS machine running in VMware (vSphere client). On this machine, I have a local Drupal website running in Docker using Wodby Docker4Drupal
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Managed MySQL cluster - similar solution for a private cloud

Is it possible to build a similar solution to managed MySQL cluster on a private cloud (VMware vSphere / Hyper V). Even with Kubernetes. A solution which supports auto-scaling, auto-upgrade, multi-...
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Azure Powershell DSC or Ansible

I wanted to find out what are you using for Desired State Configuration on your end. I am thinking to start introducing Azure Powershell DSC or Ansible for DSC of our on-prem environment and cloud ...
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How to filter vmware_vm_facts

I'm trying to pull out the "uuid" from facts returned by ansible's vmware_vm_facts module. There is a solution to a similar question posted on Reddit, but when I try that, it fails with 'ansible....
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Deploy Vm Vmware with simple Ansible playbook

I try to test one simple playbook with ansible. My goal is to create a new VM with it. --- # create a new VM from a template - name: VM from template hosts: localhost gather_facts: false ...
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DevOps Newbie - How to automate windows infrastructure deployment?

DevOps newbie here, so bear with me. I have a project where infrastructure deployment and application deployment is done using powershell and it is tied to VMWare vCenter. For every client deployment,...
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Error starting cloned VM in Vsphere Client

I cloned a VM in Vsphere Client as described here. When I try to start it, it unexpectedly reboot over and over itself. I get this error in console: Call "EnvironmentBrowser.QueryTargetCapabilities" ...
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How to dimmension VMWare VM linux servers to run kubernetes container clusters?

I'm designing a web apps and web services hosting platform using kubernetes clusters of VMs running docker containers (web services, web apps, databases). This application hosting platform will be ...
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Large number of host emulation

What would be the best way to emulate (or really to instantiate) a large number of hosts / virtual machines / docker containers in the cloud? Assume I want to run a scenario where 10,000 hosts are ...
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Unregister a VM within VMware Fusion from command line

Is there anyway of unregistering a virtual machine on OSX using the command line with VMware Fusion (so that the VM can then be deleted)? I've looked around, and found this thread, which suggests ...
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Rename VM in VMware Fusion via command line

Is it possible to rename a VM in VMWare Fusion via command line? (ie not clone and then name the new VM and delete the old VM). For example, Parallels has the prlctl tool, and the process would be ...
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