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How to mount a volume with ReadWriteOnce in init containers of different pods, running sequentially?

I tried the following: Create persistent volume claim: apiVersion: v1 kind: PersistentVolumeClaim metadata: name: test spec: accessModes: - ReadWriteOnce resources: requests: ...
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Persistant storage claim stuck on pending with local storage in minikube, even with a storage class provided

Minimum reproducible example: # mongo-storage.yaml --- apiVersion: kind: StorageClass metadata: name: slow provisioner: parameters: type: pd-standard --- ...
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How reliable is NFS for using in Kubernetes?

I'm setting up a self-managed Kubernetes cluster where I'm limited by the number of choices for the backend storage for Pods. I should use a remote storage, so that multiple Pods can read/write at the ...
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How do I use a raw volume with a database on Kubernetes?

I'm trying to figure out how to launch a web application in a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. Right now I'm not certain about a database. I can see that one can use raw block volumes, which are supposedly ...
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Kubernetes serve static content with ingress

I have a simple Django application and on a regular EC2 instance nginx is a reverse proxy serving static files and proxying requests to gunicorn/wsgi backend app. Should I have a separate deployment ...
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Update volume size dynamically from inside a POD

I was wondering how I could dynamically create and then mount new volumes from inside a pod ? At runtime ! I have to download a lot of files with very different sizes and would like the storage to ...
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How to run a container from within another container while also mounting a volume from the first container?

I'm running a build in Jenkins which is running inside Kubernetes. When the job starts, a container starts in the cluster and the build runs inside it. A step in the build requires building an RPM ...
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How to check available volume provisioners in Kubernetes cluster?

Is there a command or script that one can use to see or list enabled/available volume provisioners in a Kubernetes cluster? We have an on-premise cluster and I came to know the hard way that 'local' ...
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Deploying a statefulSet with static volume provisioning but controller insists to use dynamic

I am trying to deploy a statefulSet that will use static volume provisioning (claim existing PVs) based on their label. However, it seems that the persistentvolume-controller is trying to provision ...
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Angular config maps in kubernetes

How can I integrate a config map into my angular application in kubernetes? Any useful blogs or videos implementing this would be helpful. I found a few, but they didn't work for me.
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Terraform and Kubernetes' StorageClass with node affinity

Im able to make a number of kubernetes constructs in terraform and even have done so for my ephemeral stateful data that requires low latency disk performance. I can terraform up a ...
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Bare-Metal Kubernetes storage in enterprise

Problem in a nutshell What kind of storage for dynamic provisioning in a bare-metal kubernetes should i use. Our configuration Each of our kubernetes nodes (worker and master) are running on VMs. ...
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How do you reuse a specific volume in Kubernetes?

Let's say that you wanted to create a Jenkins Deployment. As Jenkins uses a local XML file for configuration and state, you would want to create a PersistentVolume so that your data could be saved ...
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How to tell on which node a local storage PV has been created on k8s? [closed]

I have provisioned manually a few small local storage PVs for a redis stateful set (I have provisioned 10 on a 3 node cluster) They seem to to be working fine. The pods created by the redis stateful ...
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