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For questions related to The Phoenix Project, which is a DevOps business novel.

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What are the different types of work in a development team?

I'm currently on my annual re-read of The Phoenix Project and we're going through the different types of work that an Ops Team face. These are: Project Work Changes Internal Projects Unplanned Work ...
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The Phoenix Project and Military service

I have recently been reading "The Phoenix Project". While I can relate to most aspects of the story, I am struggling to understand the frequent references to the military background of many ...
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How to measure human utilisation?

In The Phoenix Project the single graph in the entire book shows that as a person's workload increases into the high 90%s the wait time on them increases exponentially. In fact in the book it claims ...
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How to model Man, Machine, Measures, and Process in a DevOps world?

In The Phoenix Project when on one of the tours of the plant we're told that each workstation is a combination of Person, Machine, Measurement, and Process. This makes a lot of sense, after all we ...
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