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A systematic way to test RESTful APIs with curl?

You could look at tools such as Postman which focuses on testing REST APIs with JavaScript - it has some nice features but you lose the use of Python. Instead, I'd suggest looking at REST-related ...
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Access vault secret from bash script

This mighty be a lengthy procedure but worth implementing, creating child tokens to fetch information from Vault Server. Execute following procedure at Vault Server. Create policy to restrict the ...
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Access vault secret from bash script

The vault docs mention a -field parameter for the read subcommand. So you should be able to put this into a shell script: SECRET=$(vault read -field foo secret/mysecret) Other vault docs use the ...
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The right way to Ansiblically deploy environments directly from Github:

There is no "right" or "wrong". If the commands work when you type them in, then they work, and we won't keep you from doing it. Everything else is opinion. Sure, there are some best practices, for ...
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Windows curl command corrupts zip files on upload to SFTP server

This could be the common known issue based on the upload transfer of binary files using the curl command on Windows. By default, curl on a Windows device uses ASCII transfer mode which can cause ...
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Why do I get "Connection Refused" when attempting to connect to IPFS API using HTTP?

Based on a tip from the Reddit user techiesaravana who says Hi, you have to edit ipfs config file you need to change the Address field to "/ip4/" I was able to solve the ...
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Curl Error in HTTP2 framing layer when trying to install Jenkins plugin

If HTTP/2 is not working try forcing HTTP 1.1: COPY plugins.txt /usr/share/jenkins/ref/ ENV CURL_OPTIONS -sSfL --http1.1 ENV CURL_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT 60 RUN /usr/local/bin/ < /usr/...
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Cookbook get and set dynamic URL

You should use of the Retrieve Latest Artifact endpoint. It uses the repository layouts to know what is the version in your artifact path, so you want to make sure those are set right for you. In this ...
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Access vault secret from bash script

I've ended up at exactly the same spot. We have a Vault server holding a good deal of secrets for different environments and various endpoints for each environment, so we set up kv engines for every ...
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