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Use this tag to describe questions related to Blue-Green Deployments, the technique for delivering zero-downtime deployments in a continuous deployment pipeline.

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Green/Blue Deployments with several development teams

I am working in an AKS cluster environment with several clusters separated from each other. I've been reading about Green/Blue deployments about testing a change in one cluster and then rerouting ...
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how to specify the dependency in the deployment?

This is a design question. I am not sure this is the right place. We have multiple microservices deployed using a blue/green pattern in Azure DevOps pipelines. What I am trying to achieve is I want to ...
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Making blue green deployment work for dependent ECS services

I have two ECS services. UI(http://<LB>/SS_UI/) and API(http://<LB>/webservice/). UI calls API and it's config file will have references to the API e.g. public static springURL = "...
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Blue Green Deployment DB transactions management

Imagining I have 2 sets of environment(Blue and Green) + | | | v +-------+---------+ | Proxy/LB | | | +--+----...
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Blue/green deployment with micro services and DNS

Currently, we have on our test environment an ECS Cluster with micro services deployed. All micro services are talking to each other through Route53 DNS CNAMEs like, service2....
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How to implement blue-green deployment with one master branch

I was told that they easy way out is to have two production branches, master/blue and master/green, git merge action triggers CI to deploy to the matching stacks. Is that possible to do it with single ...
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To design a blue green deploy how to publish websocket traffic from live to hot swap server

A blue green deploy involves pumping live prod data flows (blue) into a hot swap non prod environment (green) in preparation to deploy to live the green environment, such that the green has full data ...
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