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You need a little more understanding of Git and Continuous Integration (CI) systems. The main goal of a CI system is to automate the building of your project or code when it receives notification that a change has occurred in your git repository. But there are nuances that can be added so a specific change to the code repository so it doesn't start the CI ...


Select the Default agent pool in the Releases Run on agent - Agent pool field. It appears this gets set to another value when creating a new release. Once Agent pool was set to Default, the error went away.


The official solution is documented here: MS Docs: Create ILB ASE - DNS Configuration You need to have DNS entries for your ASE so that the deployment task can reach it; but if you have an internal only ASE, those entries aren't created in public DNS, and MS don't manage private DNS. MS propose creating the DNS entries in your internal DNS: Create Zone {ASE ...

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