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Why can the certificate not be found by the Ingress Controller, while the certificate has been issued?

https://github.com/jetstack/cert-manager/issues/482#issuecomment-449664935 Once I followed this https://github.com/jetstack/cert-manager/blob/master/docs/tutorials/quick-start/index.rst#step-6---...
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Why is my GCP managed Cert not working with kubernetes

Worked after a while. It apparently needed time to propagate.
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What is the best practise way to expose a service over https in kubernetes without exposing it to the internet?

Have you try to do it by Port Forwarding your configured service with TLS to your local machine ? I've never tried but it seams to be possible with it. Maybe you can find something here : https://...
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How to tell kubectl to use different api groups

It works in dotted notation (Object.apiVersion.APIGroup), for e.g. deployments this way: kubectl get deployments.v1.apps In your case just try: kubectl get issuer.v1alpha2.cert-manager.io -n=default
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Nginx unable to get SSL cert to work

Issue ended up being that I was creating a self signed cert because I was using the wrong issuer. I had an issue before with the dev.yaml file but never updated for this new ENV.
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