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You need something that will do basically CI/CD. There are few options (in no particular order): Gitlab + autodeploy (or custom deployment) skaffold + git-sync + kaniko There are more, but basically, you need a component to watch for changes, something that knows how to build an image, and something else that can deploy it (some of these might be done by ...


Get the latest version of Tomcat: $ curl -s '' | jq -r .[].name 9.0.20 Get the latest version of Tomcat 9: $ curl -s '' | jq -r '.[] | .name' | sort -V | grep ^9 | tail -n 1 9.0.20 Get the latest version of Tomcat 8.5: $ curl -s 'https://...


I created a vagrant file to build a test environment for ansible. Please find details at


I'm not a Windows user, but I'd start at Comparison of GUI testing tools, looking for those supporting Windows for both testing and tested system.


Use the --limit option to select a subset of hosts: ansible-playbook -i /path test.yml --tags automation --limit host2 Its description from ansible-playbook documentation: further limit selected hosts to an additional pattern

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