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The issue was due to the DNS ports not being configured properly. I had to configure port 53 in my security groups to get this to work.


Which flavor of Linux are you using? (eg Ubuntu/Debian, RHEL/CentOS etc) Also which version? (eg Ubuntu started using the "netplan" configuration by default in 20.04) At first glance, it looks like your DNS nameservers are hosed somehow. And can you post the results for doing a: netstat -nutpl? Look at which PID/Program Name is listening on port 53 ...


Do you think this might help you?,and%20in%20other%20cloud%20environments.&text=For%20multiple%20Azure%20VMs%20by,page%20in%20the%20Azure%20portal. If your VM is disposable and you can replace it with a new VM then you ...

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