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I noticed that the description for the filepath properties of the pack command is different than the descriptions in the test and publish commands: Pattern to search for csproj or nuspec files to pack. You can separate multiple patterns with a semicolon, and you can make a pattern negative by prefixing it with '-:'. Example: **/*.csproj;-:**/*.Tests.csproj ...


A few questions so I can better understand your use case: How often would this deployment/build of yours be run? Will there ever be any changes going into Master that do not come from develop? If you plan to run this deploy/build which would create a PR to merge to Master for each change in develop, then I would recommend to delete the develop branch and ...


Yes, there is: If your commit message contains [ci skip] or [skip ci], using any capitalization, the commit will be created but the pipeline will be skipped. Alternatively, one can pass the ci.skip Git push option if using Git 2.10 or newer: git push -o ci.skip From: GitLab CI YAML documentation - "Skipping jobs"


I would look into Azure Functions. Create a gate trigger and enable azure function after a successful release. References:

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